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Dr. Perlin Recognized for Patient Safety Advocacy

Dr. Jonathan PerlinIn a recent post, we referred to Dr. Jonathan Perlin as a veritable ambassador for HCA’s patient safety initiatives. As HCA’s CMO and president of the company’s Clinical Services Group, which is overseeing the implementation of hCare alongside the IT&S group, Dr. Perlin has been the company’s spokesman on issues ranging from MRSA prevention, quality improvement and even the patient safety advantages of an electronic health record.

And now Perlin, who is helping to shape the definition of “meaningful use” of an electronic health record as the chairperson of the Federal Health Information Technology Standards Committee, has been recognized at the national level for his advocacy for increased patient safety: The National Patient Safety Foundation awarded Dr. Perlin the 2010 Chairman’s Medal at the foundation’s annual congress on May 18.

The Chairman’s Medal is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated an ability to inspire, lead change for safer healthcare, and create a culture of respect, learning and positive team dynamics — all while delivering meaningful and measureable results. Specifically, the NPSF commended Dr. Perlin for using “forward-thinking vision, tireless advocacy, and an outstanding ability to foster collaboration and teamwork to bring together many talented professionals and motivate them to work jointly toward a common goal, and the results under his leadership have been extraordinary.”

Upon presenting Dr. Perlin with the award, Diane Pinakiewicz, president of the National Patient Safety Foundation, commented, “Because of Jonathan Perlin, patients benefit from an ever-increasing standard for safety, and HCA employees are recognized as a nationwide team that prevents avoidable harm. It is a true honor to present Dr. Perlin with the 2010 NPSF Chairman’s Medal.”

It’s estimated that implementing an electronic health record could save on average 71,000 lives per year by decreasing the occurrence medical errors and thereby increasing patient safety — so join the hCare team, and help Dr. Perlin and the entire HCA team in our efforts to further improve patient safety.

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